Australians don’t realise
how much fossil fuel
has infiltrated their culture.
Let's show people how much they "love" fossil fuel, opening up a provocative dialogue about the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.
Through provocative communication, we drive traffic to a website where Australians discover how much they actually 
love fossil fuels. 🖤🖤🖤
After that, they are able to send a pre-designed template e-mail to their MP pressuring about the treaty.

There's a new brand in place.
Now it's possible to wear and show your love. A conversation starter.

D&AD Shift Programme | Brief 2 (brief in a day)
AD | Raf Potenza
Team | Andrew Riis, Jess Stapleton
ECD | Irnin Khan, Bridget Jung, Jonathan Kneebone
Although I have worked as a freelancer in various Facebook/Meta hackathons as a Motion Graphics Designer (and loved it!), this 'brief-in-a-day' marked my debut as an Art Director in an event with a kind of hackathon vibe.

While the tick-tock sound in our heads was something familiar that gives me fuel, the challenge was building an execution that could showcase in a clear way our concept to present to the client. We felt like winning the yellow pencil when, by day's end, our project was the client's top pick (Sweet!).


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